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FTO_osakadreams [userpic]


January 2nd, 2007 (07:20 pm)

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Author: dreams_my_wings  /fto_osakadreams  
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Groups: Kanjani 8
Pairings: Ryo/Uchi
Disclaimer: Yes. I don't own them.
Summary: In which Uchi is as subtle as a flashing Neon light (with an arrow) and unfortunately for Ryo utterly clueless.
Author Notes: ...to make up for the fact that I will soon be spamming you all with more angsty NewS-centric drabbles. ^^

Uchi isn’t as subtle as he likes to think. Understanding Uchi was as easy as singing for Ryo and despite Uchi’s apparent beliefs in his subtlety, Ryo could read Uchi like a book. The only problem was that Uchi couldn’t do the same.


And Ryo was a hell of a lot subtler than Uchi.


Ryo watches Uchi prance around his messy room, occasionally folding shirts, or humming softly or really just doing anything to get Ryo’s attention. Uchi skips, and laughs at nothing, and does little spins and somehow manages to look entirely too edible for his own good and a complete idiot at the exact same time. Ryo watches as Uchi brushes irritating strands of hair away from his face, blinks his big eyes at Ryo, juts his lower lip out ever-so slightly, mumbles something along the lines of “Ryo, you’re so boring~.” Ryo watches and all he can do is laugh and whisper cute under his breath.


Eventually he’ll stop watching, get off his bed and drag the taller boy off somewhere to do something with him. Maybe he’ll take him to the park and Uchi will giggle and smile and be a complete and utter girl, and yet Ryo wouldn’t want him any other way. He might drag him to the kitchen where he will bake Uchi cookies, because Uchi likes cookies, and licking the spoon, and Ryo cooking for him. And Ryo, well, Ryo just likes seeing Uchi happy. Or maybe, maybe Ryo will just tackle Uchi and they’ll land on the bed and proceed to have an epic pillow fight and Uchi will stay pinned between Ryo and the bed the whole time despite being taller, and stronger. And when they are too exhausted to swing pillows around any longer, Ryo will roll off Uchi and lay next to him on the bed, trying to calm his uneven breathing and stifle his laughter. But it’s always kind of hard because Uchi’s hand ends up brushing against his every single time.


Eventually it will be time for Uchi to go home and Ryo will walk him half way. When Uchi slips his hand into Ryo’s, complaining about the cold, Ryo will simply smile and keep walking, never once mentioning the fact that it’s the middle of summer. And every few steps Uchi will tighten his grip on Ryo’s hand, as if assuring himself that yes, Ryo is still there and Ryo will squeeze back too, just a little bit, and Uchi doesn’t notice, but he never stops grinning.  When they reach their parting spot Ryo will brush hair from Uchi’s eyes and say goodbye. Uchi’s hand will slip from his and he’ll turn around and walk away and Ryo will watch him for a few more moments, flexing his hand, and missing the warmth that’s no longer there.


And when he turns around and walks away he’ll wonder if today was the day that Uchi realized Ryo never stopped watching him, that when he squeezed Ryo’s hand Ryo always squeezed back, that Ryo only really smiled like that for him. And if not, Ryo thinks with a sigh, he will just have to try again tomorrow.



*chu chu*



Posted by: Yuuhiru (yuuhi_suushi)
Posted at: January 3rd, 2007 07:41 pm (UTC)

Uwaa, that was kawaii! Thanks for posting! Hope you write more RyoUchi fanfiction!

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